Reliability· Health Security

It is evaluation tests on the reliability and characteristics of the product according to the environment.
Reliability and quality are closely related. Quality focuses on defect prevention during the warranty phase of the product, while reliability helps prevent failures during the product's useful life.

Field test
We conduct risk assessment before the test and provide customized on-site visit services for reasons such as special environment and other confidentiality.

Health Security
It is an evaluation test to secure the hygienic safety of tap water and products, and to block the secondary pollution of tap water in advance to lay the foundation for the supply of safe tap water to the public.
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Main Items



and electronic


Water pipe

Control materials

Business Procedure

Apply for a test

Fill out a form and send it by on/offline

Review application

DSTech reviews application form

Conduct testing

Engineer performs testing

Issue report

DSTech issues certificate/report

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